Mega combo ordered on the 16th, has anyone gotten the mega part?

i assume it was still on a ship when i ordered on black friday! looks like i should get it today or monday, in los angeles, according to usps tracking.

Yesterday I received a notice that my (A1 Mini) shipment is in transit. It was in California. I assume it’s the Mega Kit , But I’ll accept another printer.

Finally received my Mega kit.

Same here. Came today without warning or tracking. The smooth Pei plate is very nice. Hopefully it holds up

Mine is still in transit. It shipped at the end of last month and just now got to Seattle. 21 days and counting. I’m hoping it eventually arrives. Looking at it’s location I’m guessing sometime after Christmas.

got mine today. yeeeei

Also got a similar email printer arrived one day the rest of the shipment a day later