Mega combo ordered on the 16th, has anyone gotten the mega part?

I have not received my mega part of the combo.juat wondering if anyone else has?

Edit: Just got the shipping notification 11 Nov

yes I did receive it in Germany.

I just got the printer but no mega combo.

I received my printer last week, but not the Mega combo

Some of us started got an email last week stating the Mega portion would ship 1 - 2 weeks after the printer. I think the email was misphrased and it was meaning it would ship in 1 - 2 weeks, since my A1 mini was received 3 weeks ago.

I haven’t received my mega combo items, but I did receive an email on Friday explaining that there had been an logistics issue and that they were running behind on the mega combo items. I will continue to await patiently, meanwhile, I’m waiting on my second filament order (stupid Black Friday). I look forward to trying the smooth high temp plate.

Some/many buyers have got information about separate shipping in the order confirmation email. Maybe it depends on the person that handles the order but I haven’t got any information about this. My combo arrived a week ago but without the mega items. I suppose it will arrive in a couple of weeks.

Ich habe auch noch nicht die Mega Combo Items erhalten. Diese sollen in einem zweiten Paket geliefert werden. Verzögerungen können passieren, aber es wäre schön wenn auch ein neuer Liefertermin genannt würde. Anscheinend gibt es Zulieferprobleme. Denn das Mega Combo ist nicht mehr bestellbar. Als Lob muss man sagen, dass der Drucker wirklich sehr gut ist und zum genannten Termin geliefert wurde.

I received the mega combo set today. I received the A1mini on November 19. now the order is complete. I live in the Netherlands and got it via Germany.

I also received my mega combo items today. Strange thing was I got an email notification with a tracking number yesterday and the email stated that it was a A1 mini coming via the United States postal service. I knew this wasn’t the case because they typically send the printers, UPS, or FedEx. The only thing I’ve ever received from them through the postal service were smaller items like nozzles and such. I assumed it was the combo items that were associated with the purchase. When I got home, they were there. Sounds like they’re going to start showing up for everyone

I also have not received my Mega parts. I pre-ordered A1 mini Mega Combo.

I opened a support ticket but the support was not helpful and just asked me to wait.

I noticed the Mega Combo option no longer appears on their website. Can anyone make a list or post a screenshot showing what’s included in a Mega Combo so that we can keep track?


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I’ve also received my mega parts. But the information from Bambu Lab has been very confusing or incomplete at least:

  • No information about separate shipping of the mega parts
  • Order completed according to Bambu information before anything had been delivered
  • The printer with AMS was delivered, without the mega parts
  • No information at all until when the following information was received:

Your shipping status has been updated
The following items have been updated with new shipping information
Items in this shipment
Bambu Lab A1 mini 3D Printer × 1 (another printer? no…)

It would have been much better if Bambu Lab had split the original order in two, for the separate shipping. The provided information has been very confusing.

Ich warte auch seit 1 Woche auf das zweite Paket der A1 Mega Combo. Es gibt auch keine aktuelle Status Info von Bambu.
I still waiting since 1 week, for the second package of the A1 mega combo. No newer status message by Bambu yet.

I received the printer but not the mega accessories. Only received 1 tracking number aswell. Support isnt worth my time though. In the U.S.

Me too, I´ve got only Package 1 - A1+AMSl ite and the rest is…unknown. No reaction from Bambu.

I opened a case to BambuLab support ticket. First my filament came in a box with silicon socks inside and additional accessories. 2-3 weeks later the printer came and i was not able to find the mega box. I searched for two days and travelled like 2 times to my garage and back (like 30km total) just to think how dumb am I. But no.

Bambu answered me that there are too many people and shortage on those, so I would receive the mega combo after 1-2 weeks. They are already passing but no info, still it is good to know that they would come.

Bad thing - no tracking number, no information, no nothing. AFTER I opened the case and they replied to me, 3min AFTER that they send me this e-mail:



Fri 11/24/2023 2:42 AM

Dear customer,

If you purchased the Bambu Lab A1 mini 3D Printer with the Mega Combo accessories kit, please be noted that the accessories kit will be dispatched in separate shipments. Due to unforeseen logistics issues, the shipments of Mega Combo accessories kit will be delayed by 1 to 2 weeks compared to the shipments of the 3D Printer. You will receive the accessories kit soon as our team is working diligently to rectify the situation and expedite the shipping process for these items as soon as possible.

We truly appreciate your understanding and patience and we look forward to delivering a fantastic 3D printing experience to you.

Best regards,

Bambu Lab Team

would be nice if we received more and better information on this. Some people seem to randomly be getting this item. Not me.

I also didn’t get the combo and created a support ticket. I got an email said same thing about logistics issue. Got my printer about 2 weeks ago, still haven’t seen the combo. Curios to see how they are tracking that as my account says my order is fulfilled.

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The item is currently in transit to the destination. lol

2 weeks since i received the printer. Still no mega parts or even a 2nd tracking number. Also says fulfilled