Mesh bed leveling failed

So, I don’t print too much with high temperature plates like the textured one, but in the last week I did it sometimes but after the first successfully print I started receiving this error if I try to print something else (with bed calibration).

I did a full recalibration successful (with the same plate on), but the problem raises again if I try to print.

P1P with AMS and some mods (enclosed, chamber fan, mcu fan)

Error code 0300_4002 doesn’t seem to be one shown in the wiki, last 3 couples of digits are the error time (10:42:23)

Any idea?

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No idea, but there’s the error code and detail.
“ecode”: “03004002”,
“intro”: “Mesh bed leveling failed.”


Did you manage to solve this?
I just bought a P1S and I’m having the same problem.