Mesh Boolean

Anyone tried it out? What has been your experience?

I’ve been trying difference on complicated geometries with discs as a way to cut objects, and had little success so far.

It is a very eclectic function that left me scratching my head. That was until I found one and only one use for it.

I had an organic shape that I was trying to build a mounting block that would fit perfectly into the shape so I could glue it. The shape was an anatomically correct human skull and I am making it for medical school student. I created a block with a recess for a magnet in CAD. Then I exported that to a STEP file. Then I took that block and did an assembly and then a differential Boolean mesh. Then I printed it. The resulting peg fit perfectly against the interior of the model in such a way so that I could glue it without the need to sand or carve plastic.

This is what that looked like after I cut the peg in mid space. The purple peg using the differential union provided a mirror image of the two skull halves.