Messy/sticking out first layer [updated]

Hello everyone!

I started using my p1p about a month ago and everything was just perfect until yesterday evening. Without any reason all my prints neve get further than the first layer. This is how the first layer of round pixels look like with Bambu PLA filament on a textured PEI plate with corresponding settings:

Heating bed works just fine, settings are correct, but it looks like it overextrudes or overheat the filament or something? Here is the video:

Another example - tried to print bambu calibration cube and this is how the first few layers look like:

I’m not sure if it’s all about sticking since it does stick ok, but maybe extruder isn’t close enough to the bed surface? This is how it looks from thee bottom:

Also, here is the video:

What I’ve already tried:

  • Double checked all the filament/nozzle/plate type settings
  • Tried to print thee projects I was able to print successfully just few days ago with the same filament
  • Tried to use different PLA filament spools
  • Tried to clean the plate with isopropyl alcohol
  • Performed calibration from device menu in bambu studio (no errors or warnings)
  • Extruder doesn’t look clogged:

At this point I have no clue what is wrong with the printer and where to go. Any idea?

Thank you!

The one thing I did not see in your list was to make sure the plate type is set correctly in the slicer. Sometimes it changes itself to a different setting and then the offset for the plate can be wrong.

Thank you @julie777 for the reply! Actually this is the first thing I checked and it’s in my list:

  • Double checked all the filament/nozzle/plate type settings

So, Textured PEI plate was set, bed temperature is 65 C and bed leveling is enabled before each print:

BTW: I agree it behaves exactly the same as if Cool Plate / PLA Plate is selected.

This is how bambu calibration cube printed on my P1P look like:

Full video is here:

The problem was in the plate. It looks like wiping Textured PEI plate with IPA isn’t a very good idea. I just washed it with dishwashing soap and now filament is sticking perfectly.


Some IPAs are really bad have some additive that make all type of plates impossible to stick , i had the same issue with two types of 98% until i found a good IPA , from electrical store . But now using mainly soap and water, from time to time using the new IPA

I am having a similar issue