Missing one Package of two, A1 delivery

I got the first package of an A1 delivery. But the second is still missing since 5 days. Bambu Lab send me a mail, that the delivery was split in two. What to do? Waiting how long?

Unfulfilled means they haven’t even packaged and sent it yet. I assume the rest of your pending order has a boat load of random accessories and filaments. Printers tend to be ready-to-ship.

Same happened to me. Create a ticket rldr it will be a while. I waited 6 days before creating a ticket. The shipped the remaining items the moment they read it.

My secondary package quietly arrived 4-5 days after my printer did.

Mail carriers are slammed right now, it’s really the worst time to ship anything. Between Black Friday rush and postal delays it will probably be a bitter longer than usual.

Atleast you got 2 order numbers. I bought the mega combo, received 1 tracking number and the mega bundle never showed up. Received the printer on the 24th.

the A1 mega package was lost by DHL. When informed, Bambu Lab immediately sent a second one. Super Service.