Misunderstanding or just bad customer service

I purchased the P1S upgrade kit via the Bambu Lab Global store. As all are aware the screw set was never sent with the kit and without my knowledge Bambu Lab sent the screw set via this method again. This now leads to where my problem becomes a headache. My original Order Number #gb39321135.

Due to me living in South Africa (RSA) I have to make use of third party companies to purchase goods and get the items imported. I use Aramex Global Shopper. I purchase the parts and have them sent to Aramex SIngapore, the parts get cleared there and then get shipped to RSA, when the parts arrive in RSA they get processed by the RSA customs and they now want a invoice for the screw set. On request to Bambu Labs for a Zero value Invoice for the import of the screws, I have been informed I have already signed for the parts and all of the paper work was done in Singapore and therefore they can not assist me. Not sure if this is just a person working on the support desk being lazy or just does not understand the situation.

Please if someone knows who I can speak to to get this resolved please forward me their email address so I can get the screw set released from RSA customs.

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The only contact I know is customer support using trouble tickets.

While what you are asking isn’t complicated, only a few persons in a company are authorised to emit such a document. Also, you request an inaccurate record, as the goods have a cost. You need some certificate that your invoice relates to two postage packages. What may seem simple became a bureaucratic and financial nightmare for medium/large companies.

If you are the BL client ( I am unaware of how Aramex Global Shopper works), you may retry with a new trouble ticket if the current one is closed. By reading your post, BL does not seem responsible for the delivery at RSA. If that’s the case, you can only rely on Aramex Global Shopper support. They are the entity responsible for the service and can solve the problem.
I can imagine that explaining the situation to RSA customs is complicated, but you may also try. Is there any way to unblock the items by paying some fee?

Thank you Aramex has sorted it out with Customs