Mix PLA and ABS in the same print?

Has anyone printed anything with PLA and ABS in the same print? I’m just wondering if the two would adhere to each other successfully or if there would be an issue with them falling apart?

I think it is not recommended.
As you know, currently the calibration / flow calibration etc. is only done at the beginning of a print job.
no calibration when changing filament, so the new filament is performed with the calibration of the first filament.
You would have to change that, or be able to save the calibrations for the filaments and thus be able to call them up again depending on the filament.
This works great for multi-color prints, e.g. in PLA, since only one type of filament is used.

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I’ve been trying it the last two days and have gummed up the extruder twice.

Setup: about a 90 minute print. ABS on the bottom layers, switch to PLA for the last 15 minutes. I am using AMS.

What seems to be happening is the first (ABS) color finishes fine, but it starts to feed the PLA and the extruder temperature is too high. 250C. Although it eventually seeks the proper temp (220C) the damage is done - a blob ends up in the extruder that can be neither pushed nor pulled.

So, I’m going to do more research, but otherwise stop doing it for now - getting tired of taking the extruder apart.

The chamber will be too hot for PLA after printing ABS for 75minutes, so the length of PLA in the tube at the top (where it’s the hottest) will get soft. I only print ABS and my chamber temp is always around 50 degrees after a 1 hour print.