Mobile App for Forum Should be available

It would be great to have the Forum on my phone. In the form of a native IOS or Android APP.

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There is an app for Discourse (which the forum runs on) for iOS - DiscourseHub.

[edited my original post - there used to be an issue signing in to the Bambu Lab forum in that app, but I just tried again on iOS 16.4 and it is working fine]

The site works perfectly nicely as a web app on mobile, as well.

I keep getting the you don’t have authorisation has never worked for me :frowning:

Chrome /Edge recognizes the forum url as being a progressive web app (PWA) on Android. It will then use the PWA worker for native notifications. Since most “native” mobile apps these days are really crappy web wrappers, PWAs are a much more lightweight means to provide an integrated OS native experience across mobile and desktop with a single html5 app dev investment. I recommend giving this a try.

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This is actually a great point - Safari on iOS 16.4 now supports PWAs much better, including e.g. push notifications, so you can also add to Home Screen from the Safari menu. Once you’ve done that and signed in, the next time you open the shortcut, it will prompt you for notifications etc.

Thank you I tried PWA before but I wasn’t on the latest IOS and it was a poor experience. Seems to work far better now.

Thank you

PWA wasn’t working properly before for me on IOS it seems the latest update has done a lot for PWA

It seems to be working now. I’m not sure about notifications yet but this is far better

How do we create a topic in this website? I’m going nuts. There is no create topic button

I don’t have that button

You have to have reached a certain “level” membership on the forum platform, before you can use external clients.

Can’t help then sorry mate

you can also use apps at Jogo mod apkwhich is also very good