Modified Start and End gcode for X1 and X1C

My customized start and end gcode for Bambu Lab printers. Usable for X1, X1C with or without AMS.
In addition to cleaning up the stock gcode from BL, I have added some of my changes. For more description, please visit the Printables link.

Do note that these are my codes that I use and it works for me on my X1CC. I have been using and updating them and decided to share them with the community. As with all the stuff that I share, I would advise you to Test the codes using a small test print and watch what it does. If you like what you see, all well and good. If not, you can always use back the stock setting from Bambu Lab. All the best and that’s all folks.


Nicely done! I will have a go and test 'em out. Thanks for sharing and updating!

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Did this back in Nov 22. Nicely done. Updates are current as well.

I might suggest to add a wavy line (someone else has done this but it was YouTube video only) to the lidar test lines after it’s done to make removal easier - READ they are all stuck together now so no strays get left behind.

What’s the consensus around here??? Do this start code or no?

Link is not available anymore.

Ya, link removed I guess. I do however like the new calibration lines, they all come up together

I put it to draft as I am updating it. Will be back once I make sure the code are ok.

Hi. Could it be possible to get the files from somewhere?

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I found another Start/End gCode on Printables.
Search for this number 552489

I temporarily disabled the gcode as Bambu Lab has updated the firmware and slicer. There may be syntax changes. I am currently overseas and will be back end of the month to look into an update.

Ok. Thanks for your reply.
But could I get the files anyway? I have not updated the firmware yet.

Will try to make it available next weekend once I am back from my vacation.

Ok, thank you very much!

I have tried this:

Unfortunately it is completely useless, as it destroys the first layer. When using this start gcode, the first layer suffers from massive underextrusion.

Does anyone have a customized start gcode which reduces time but does not come with such drawbacks?

Hi! Do you recommend to use the standard start gcode until you have an updated version?

I am still using the one from August on my P1P/S, works perfectly from what I can see.

This only seems to work for me using the “Fast Start + Level” profile, turn on bed leveling in print start window, otherwise the nozzle is too high and it gets no squish when it starts the 1st layer, which means basically no bed adhesion and eventually unless the print is small and quick, it will detach before completing and ruin the print

Any luck with an update to you great start and end gcode for the X1C?