Monetisation of models?

I have a few designs that I print and sell on Etsy to bring in some beer money to compensate for the time put into the design. However, I’d rather get some cash for the design and let the end users print themselves. (Less unnecessary shipping etc).

It would be cool if Makerworld allowed users to publish the design but have the stl/3mf file download disabled until the publisher reaches his target cash contributions from the market place to unlock the download Sort of like Kickstarter for STL files. I’m not thinking big money targets, maybe max it at $200. Cash is better than free filament and wouldn’t cost Bambu anything, it would be funded by the community.


Cool idea! I like it

Interesting idea.

Based on the fact that some designers posted a couple of their models in MW and then “advertised” their Printables clubs for users to go visit, it’s not unreasonable to assume that some creators are publishing and keeeping their models exclusively in Printables to build up their credentials there in order to qualify to set up their clubs. It will make sense for MW to lay out a path to a subscrption club or some other ways, such as OP’s idea, for creators to get compensated for their hardwork and talent, other than free BL products. (for example, some prefer beer :smile: ). Laying out a clear path will incentivize more designers to publish/move their models into MW.


Something along the lines of Cults3d? (But less problematic in terms of getting paid…)

I’d definitely appreciate something along those lines. I have a few prints I’d love to put up here, but they’re monetized elsewhere. I’d love to be able to put up the same prints, but with a Bambu multicolor print profile.

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