Mouse ear for anti warping?

it would be really usefull to get the possibility for mouse ear like in cura.


Mouse ear has been a standard feature in popular slicers for many years, some (can’t remember the name right now) can even detect where mouse ear should be placed. It’s very surprising Bambu Studio still doesn’t have it.

Orca Slicer has implemented this feature.


Ok, that is cool! But since this is the Bambu Studio Forum, it would be really nice to add this Feature to bambu Studio :slight_smile: or better when is it added to bambu studio, as this is a really basic feature but extremely helpfull.
P1/X1 is already producing enough waste for going full brim.

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Agreed. please add this feature to Bambu Studio.

It would be great if we could have this feature built in.
Right now I am adding these ears manually :frowning:

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Right now I am adding these ears manually :frowning:


I’ve switched to Orca Slicer, it’s like Bambu Studio on steroids and works great!


There’s a bambu labs wiki about how to do it manually, titled ‘Tips for using discs to prevent warping’, and it’s pretty easy to do but having it be built-in feature like Orca has would be much preferred.

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