Move the tool head out of the way if purged material backs up

I’m surprised I don’t see a suggestion for this feature already.

Sometimes on a long overnight print the waste bucket will fill and it will back up into the printer. When this happens, the printer usually detects it once it reaches the hot end tip.

The printer will then pause itself and give the notification of the chute being backed up.

The problem comes when trying to clear this backup. I can clean the outside and the lower part easily, but because the tool head is parked over the chute, it’s holding the door shut which means I can’t get the filament out.

I would reach in through the top of it, but there’s a tollwad in my way. When the printer is paused we can not jog the tool head to move it so I struggle to try and get a finger down into the cute or tweezers to grab the waste and remove it. Sometimes I have to restart the printer and then try and get my fingers up in the cute from outside to try and dislodge it. Know what hurts? When you have your fingers up the cute and the took head goes to the back and closes the door on your fingers.

If it detects a backup, the printer should go to the chute, so it’s wiping and cooling, and then move the back right corner (as viewed from the door side) so that the head is completely out of the way and there’s no risk of burning.

I don’t have a backup often, but every time I do I’m immediately frustrated by not being able to simply remove the stuck purged plastic.

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Also I hope this is in the right place, this forum is hot garbage on mobile. I see there’s a category or a post or something that says “for feature requests be sure to…” and it’s cut off there. Tapping on it just takes me to a tag search for feature request.