Multi-Plate Support on A1 Mini?

Hey all,

I received my A1 Mini a few days ago. It’s working super well so far! But I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to switch between plates on files sent to the printer’s MicroSD card? The X1C has this capability, so I assumed the A1 Mini would, too. The slicer does let you send multi-plate files to the printer, so I’m a little confused.

I tried searching online but no results came up concerning this question.

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The slicer does let you choose the type of plate to use among other things.
I do no know if I understood you correctly.

Hello, you should try this :

when sent to the printer, select the one you want to print first

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I appreciate your suggestions, but that isn’t exactly my issue. Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough.

I fully understand how to make multiplate files. My question is how to switch between plates from the A1 Mini itself.

For example, when a multiplate file is sent to the X1 Carbon’s SD card, selecting the file, by using the touchscreen on the X1 Carbon, allows you to flip between the different plates with on screen arrows. But on the A1 Mini’s display, if I send a multiplate file, I see no such way to choose which plate I want to print, from the printer’s touchscreen. It only shows a single plate for each print file.

Hopefully this makes sense now.

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Got the same issue.
They should just add some arrows to switch between plates instead of uploading those multi plate files in to 10 single sliced files.


Yeah… Really hoping that this is something that will be added in a firmware update soon.

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I have the same issue just added an a1 mini and use to how the x1c works. Hopefully the a1 i just ordered doesn’t have this issue. I did find a workaround:

Sendthe file to the microsd / printer and the start the print from the Bambu handy app. That will let you choose plate to print

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THATS a great workaround :+1:

I guess you figured out that selecting a plate from display on the A1 is still not possible?