Multicolor Print Error

Hi I just got my P1S a few months ago so I am still figuring different settings out on the printer and in Studio. So I am sorry if this is a super easy fix but everything was working well with the multicolored prints until a few days ago. I tried printing a truck model that had two different colors but when it started to print the different colors where not being printed correctly. It is hard to explain what is exactly doing but I did add a picture to help see what I mean. But it is printing a whole layer of one color and then changing to the next color but the colors are not in the right places. Really sorry if this is confusing it is just really hard to total describe exactly what is going on.

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What you’re see here is carryover from incorrectly flushing each filament between changes. In Bambu Studio on the left hand side just above the filament types there is a “Flushing Volumes” button. If you click that it will open a window with the flushing volumes for each filament in respect to other filaments. The issue is that for some reason the “Multiplier” field at the bottom often defaults to 0. Set it to 1 and recalculate. Then reslice the model. This should fix your issue.


That is so weird how it just changed without me changing it. But it is fixed now thank you.

This may have nothing to do with your issue but when you open a 3mf file with settings different from your defaults, Studio politely asks if you want to update your defaults when you are closing it. If you accidentally say yes, you can find yourself with unexpected changes.

It really ought to call out that you may not want to do that.