Multiple stl loaded as one model color question

So I have a rectangular bucket with an embossed name on one side. The bucket is supposed to be red, the embossed letters are filled with white.

Because they are aligned in the exported stls (and because it would be difficult to align them if imported separately ), I imported both stls at the same time as one model.

In Bambu studio I see a main model with two sub- models. I pick red for the bucket and white for the embossed letter fill.

The parent model has a filament color assigned, which I do not understand as it is composed of the two subparts, so there is nothing left to color. I cannot uncheck the parent model without losing the two separate parts.

So for the parent object I picked red.

The preview looks great. Bucket red infilled letters, white. The colors loaded in the Carbon X1c were sync’d from the printer and are also correct.

I started the print, and the bottom of the bucket print in white… so I aborted.

This is a new printer and software, so I apologize if I missed something easy. Anyone have experience with workflow for coloring multiple stl files imported as one ?



Click the gear icon next to the plate and check the “First layer filament Sequence”

It is set at Auto, with the “Print sequence” above set to same as global print sequence.

Now I have to find the global print sequence, which I assume I set at by layer…


I changed the order of the objects, re-sliced and it printed.