My day 1 experience on A1 Mini

Hi all,

I received my A1 mini combo yesterday, still waiting the the mega pack come later to test the bigger nozzle.

Here is my day 1 experience after near finish a 1kg PETG pool.

  1. Very easy setup, took me less then 15 mins to get the printer up and running.
  2. Default print speed is FAST and output looks good without any tuning. I moved from Ender 5 to A1 Mini due to ongoing printing problem in my ED5. I did number of PETG prints with fan speed max to 60%. The noise level is acceptable when fan on low speed.
  3. A lot of filament waste even print on single colour without using AMS. It still waste a lot of filament during pre-print testing.
  4. Print plate looks small but still able to print majority of my 3D file.
  5. I haven’t print PLA yet, but it working fine on PETG on default profile, however, I need to maually clean up the nozzle in the pre-print testing period to avoid nozzle block.
  6. I missed the kippler + obico.