My experience with rebuilding the AMS Internal Hub

I had decided to use up some partial rolls of filament, in an effort to economize -
Part way through a print, the filament broke, probably because it was old and brittle. and wet. Using up wet filament was my first mistake. I checked out the WIKI on how to clean out the internal hub. I discovered that there was a ton of broken filament bits, scattered throughout the PTFE tubes both inside and outside of the AMS. So, I disconnected the AMS, took it into the kitchen where I could sit comfortably at a table with good portable lighting, and started to dissemble - I was amazed at how complicated, and yet simple this device is! I got to the point where there was filament jammed inside of the #1 hub input hole, but could not get it cleaned out. Next step? read some more WIKI. I carefully removed all the electrical cables and screws (Watch sized screws!)opened up the hub, and although I did read the several cautions about small springs and magnets, got introduced to a modern version of Mexican jumping beans, with springs too small to see, and magnets that seemed to have a mind of there own, Four springs were launched into orbit somewhere in the room, magnets attached themselves to anything metallic and I was left wondering, Why did I do this? This prompted a search through several rooms, because I had no idea where those little springs went.
Several hours later, my wife found all four of the springs in different parts of the room… (Elon Musk could take lessons on these springs and magnets, a better way of launching satellites) More reading, then the rebuilding. It was all really quite simple, just remain calm, set your parts out in small plastic cups, use the proper screws and tools, and most of all, read all the WIKI’s on the subject.
I don’t know who wrote the WIKI’s but they are the best part of an already fine product. I am fairly new to 3D printing, and have owned several Creality printers from Ender series and finally two CR10-V2 and V3 which I still own. I have never found this much information in one place on how they work, how to fix them when the don’t work, and a ready supply of spare parts as I have discovered with the WIKI’s and the BamBu Lab products. My printer is a P1S, but I see a X1C in my future…


  1. Dismantling and cleaning the AMS Filament Hub
  2. Replacing the AMS Internal Hub Unit and AMS Internal Hub Motor