My First post got no joy, So, I took the gorilla approach

With the aid of 2 needle nose pliers I finally got the PTFE tubes out of the “Quick Disconnects.” [QD] Damaging the tubes. They have to be replaced. Question 1; does the tube from the back of the XIC through the top [going inside the enclosure] need the double ended QD? See picture.

Question 2; Can replace the tube with a longer non QD tube through the top to the Print head?

Yes, you can replace that PTFE tube anywhere you want to and the QD is not needed. It is there as a quick attachment for when you want to use an external spool outside of the AMS. Make sure you use PTFE tubing with 2.5mm ID and 4mm OD. I replaced all my tubing with fully transparent as it helps me see what is going on.

As far as the filament runout issue in your other post there are several posts here explaining how that works, just do a search. Essentially it will only continue if there is EXACTLY the same filament and color available. If you’re using non BBL filament you can just lie to the AMS about what filament you have in there and it will use it. If using BBL filament you have to have exactly the same filament or tear off the RFID tag and lie to it.

First, thanks for the quick reply! Lying to my computer was never a thought but, Communicating within the limits of its understanding is a perfectly sound approach. That would also explain the inability to move on to the next spool. Going to have to save my RFID Tags. :wink:

The secret to removing the push lock fitting is to push the ring in, push the tube in then while still pushing in on the ring, pull the hose out. The inside of the fitting has barbs like a fish hook. Pushing the ring in pushes the barbs away from the tube, allowing it to come out. Sometimes the barbs have too good a bite, that’s where pushing the tube in helps.
My old arthritic fingers don’t work as well as they did so I sometimes resort to a tool to push the ring in. Sometimes I use a wrench that slip fits on the tubing and sometimes I use a tool like this one, just depends on if I remember where I put it.
Here are the instructions to the SMC tool that works with a single push pull motion. It’s the bee’s knees but at $16 may be a bit expensive for some. I don’t own one myself but have used one at work.


Thanks for the response. Aged fingers are a common problem in working with small items. Having removed the tubes and examining the fittings I found 2 things that contributed to the problem: Swollen tube and broken teeth. I probably am the cause of the later due to my gorilla approach. The tube swelling that was there from the day one.
I found a number tools on the Printables site that I could use to simplify my Bambu experience. Downloaded a couple last night. Have to crank up my X-Plus to make tools to repair my New Bambu. Thanks again!