My little P1P niche

Hm, somehow nobody wants to show their setup? Then I just start and show you my little Bambu corner. :smiley:

I have converted a small wooden plate in a small corner of the hallway to a table and there it stands now and prints almost every day. I closed it with the great ARC Bambu Lab P1P Enclosure from thrutheframe. I had the parts printed because I didn’t have a closed enclosure at that time. Thanks to Vítek, Tomáš and Máňa from Veetec3D who sent me the parts in really good quality.

In the meantime I have installed a hardened steel nozzle, the hardened steel gear, the improved cable and the cable chain and thanks to the instructions of Bambu it all worked without major problems!

In the meantime, the plant is gone and I have set up my filament storage behind the printer. I also put the AMS next to the printer so I can open the lid when I print PLA. Soon I have to lift the lid a little with one of the many 3D prints so that it does not get too hot when I print PLA.

The only thing missing now is any way to record the time-lapse footage with a super sharp 4k camera. Preferably directly from the print room, in very small, via the Bambu software. But, I think this combination will never work. So I’ll have to come up with something else. Maybe with the Bambu Extension Board and a mirrorless camera like the Alpha 6000? At least I still have that lying around. Only the extension board is missing. Go Bambu, test faster! (◠‿◠)

Yeah, so this is my setup and damn - I love this machine!


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