My personal experience with Bambulab Support

Sorry for my poor english.

I’ll tell you my story with Bambu support
On Sunday, while printing, my brand new P1S strangely shut down.
I go to turn it back on and nothing… the machine turns on, the AMS was on with its lights, but the display and the panda touch completely without signs of life.
I do various tests but nothing…
From what I see it seems that the AP Board (the card that controls wifi, SD card, webcam and LED strip) is dead or in any case not powered.
So I decide, without too much hope and really pissed off, to open a support ticket.
It was Sunday so I had no expectation of having immediate answers, in fact I considered the time difference with China…
The next morning around 9am they contacted me from support asking me to make a video to show them some LEDs around the machine (power supply, toolhead, MC Board and, of course, AP Board)
The only one that didn’t have any working status LEDs was the AP Board.
Having said this we agreed (because in fact it was also my first assumption) that the culprit was the AP Board or at most the cable that connects the AP to the MC.
They immediately sent a request to send me a new AP and a new cable.
Today, after 4 days, everything arrived, I contacted support again so that they could register the new serial number of my P1S (yes, the AP board carries the SN of the machine, if you change the AP you also change the SN and you have to re-pair the machine with the account)
After 15 minutes they reply that they have registered the new SN and send it to me, inviting me to replace the AP with the old one and to check that everything is fine and then proceed with the pairing.
Everything works immediately, their support works during European office hours and not Chinese ones, which is great.
I can say that I was very satisfied with this treatment, very quick, courteous and professional.
Now I know that I am not left alone with potentially irreparable machines.
Well done Bambulab, not even European companies work so well.


Your English is better than most English speakers.

That’s really positive; I’ve only recently moved away from the older Creality Cr10s Pro, where everything was DIY. Fingers crossed that if any issues come up for me, it will be this good.


You can copy and paste this to a site called TrustPilot, which was mentioned in another thread, to help balance out the negative rating there :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what I did yesterday as soon as I saw that post :slight_smile: