My Printer does not work at all and I have tried to tell you exacly wh


I do hope that you all have a GOOD weekend in your company.
Things have not been so good for me. After Trying for several weeks to get it to print, I decided to change the nozzle into 6mm one. Maybe all my problems were that and finally I could have a working 3d printer. I have had 3d printers before and I never had any issues that I have been having with this one.
After changing the nozzle which I find one of your videos online, the Boeard would not even come up near to the nozzle anymore the distance between the board and the nozzle no matter what is never ever closer than15-20 cm!!!?
I do not know anymore. I am in need of your help.
this Printer was not cheap for me and It was hard getting the money which I lend.
Please help me

                       Thank you

First of all, you should realize that Bambu does not provide any support through this forum. You will need to submit a trouble ticket to them for any response, and you can expect a response to be very slow.

Secondly, you almost certainly installed your nozzle incorrectly.

Start over, read the instructions more carefully and watch the video again.

IF you still have a gap somewhere, other users here can try to help. A picture of the gap would be very helpful. Also include a description of the original problem, in case a new nozzle is not the solution.

And please check your measurement units. A gap of 15-20 centimeters would be huge, twice the width of my hand, putting the nozzle outside the printer in most positions.


Thank you very much for letting me know that this is not the place to get help from bambu.
But please do you know where I can write to them?
is Bambu a shareware!!? for if it is not normally a company stand for their product.
I dont know man. I am just reading and trying to learn. I have checked the mozzle and everything seems to be installed correctly
Thank you again for writing to me and at least put me in some direction. It has been some really bad days lately.

When I place my tickets I go to, sign in if necessary, and then click on my avatar, just to the right of the “Store” button, and then click “Support Ticket”. It will explain the information they need to help you, and is where you can check the status of the ticket in the future.

You can also submit a ticket through the Handy app, but I’m away from my phone and do not remember the steps.

You seem to be having a hardware problem right now, contacting the company with a support ticket is probably best if warranty parts replacement might be needed.

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Perhaps you can post a high resolution picture of your printer and the installed nozzle so we can see if anything might be out of place?


A few simple photos will do. Your link requires a Google sign-in.