My x1c is squeaking after installing new ams hub

Link to the video
In this video you can see the idler pulleys are not doing anything because it is loading filament in. I think it’s coming from the hub itself. lube the pulleys and it still squeaking. Any help would be welcomed

Note I did send support a ticket but I figure it won’t hurt to ask here too since they can take a while to get back

To me it sounds normal when purging filament. It even sounds like that when printing normal.

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Wow, that is a lot of oil you’ve added to the belt system. Instructions specify a drop on the idler bearing flanges but not to get it on the belts. Make sure it the oil you’ve added doesn’t transfer to the carbon rods or drip on the build plate.

In regards to the noise, it might be the power supply. They can make a little bit of noise when loaded. There really isn’t much you can do about that.


It is the ams buffer that’s squeaking. Oil the mechanism that moves by opening the buffer and doing it from the inside.

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