Mysterious New Printer

The printer has all the info (location, height, etc) about the model, down to the layer level. But I doesn’t have to come to use these info. For a first solution, if a PEI plate is used, the finished print can be easily swept away from the plate after it cools down. A sweeping arm or fork will be needed and the door redesigned to be operable.

Removing the prime line is a bit more challenging. But there should be a way. Maybe a small handle can be created on the prime line, similar to the way purge tower is created, to allow it be swept away. Or if it can’t be swept reliably, then a mechanical arm can pick it up. Or totally rethink the prime line. Is there another way to prime the nozzle without laying a line down on the build plate?

These are just some casual thinkings, it may or may not work. But if a team of engineers puting their heads together there should be a solution not too far down the line. It will add cost to the printer, but customers may be willing to pay for the feature.

Hitting the model off the plate would not work for some models. They could be low in height, or fragile. Much easier would be to have a robot pull out the whole build plate, and shove another plate in. This should reliably work for all models.

I don’t think the printer has the layers per see; in the gcode are x, y, z movements and it might be able to determine layers from examining the sequence of movements, but that is not reliable. The concept of layers really only exist in the slicer.

Prime line seems easy, just have a small extra bed it primes on, but I don’t really see the point, it seems a lot of work for saving almost no space on the bed.

Yes, A1 MAX 512x512x512 would be nice. :smile:

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Anounce time was 2023-12-11 …
So far no posts or leaks about what printer it was or am i wrong ? :smiley: was it just the A1 combos ? :slight_smile:

It was A1, but a new printer will be announced at the end of February.

Interesting… Source?


there are no source this guy is just speculating like the rest