Mysterious New Printer

Well that’s one way to start the curiosity train. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners are getting a new printer Bambu has been developing. My gut is leaning towards a Resin Printer.

I’ve heard that they are going to be 2 more of the A1 Series.

hmm interesting to say the least.

Could just be a new to you printer and not a new model :slight_smile:

I think it just means a random printer, not a new one.

I don’t think we’re going to see X2 until Q2 next year.

The contest details specifically says “latest printer”, and in the details it says “mysterious new printer”

They talk about a specific printer not just a random printer, specifically the latest. Maybe “new” just means “unused” and not “unreleased”, but an already released printer is not particularly mysterious.

I have no speculation what it is though will be a surprise.

Anything is possible.
I just hope they don’t start pumping out overlapping and barely differentiated printers or we’ll end up in the Ender situation :smiley:

Hmmm… What a curious thing to say…

At formnext (a 3d printing trade show that just ended) Bambu had a sculpture (obviously not to scale as you could walk inside it) of a large printer which had the build plate fixed to the base, putting X, Y and Z on the gantry. I don’t think links are alliowed but if you look for the user “ManufacTube” on youtube and check their videos for “Giant Bambu Lab Printer”, you will see it.

If I were Bambu Lab, I would put some serious efforts into developing a printer that can automatically remove prints, and also remove the calibration and prime lines. It’s doable with Bambu Lab’s talent pool and capital.

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We are quite far from having a robot that can work out how to remove an arbitary object from a build plate. The best ones can’t even pick up certain objects properly.

Just checked it out, isn’t that just an over scaled P1P? If this was a hint to a larger p1p wouldn’t the proportions of display to body be a bit more off? Just schizo analyzing though.

My guess would be its not a larger printer. Unless they go bonkers and drop gen2 out of nowhere. Ye has stated that they wont drop a bigger printer until next gen or at least until they solved some issues(assuming the currently ongoing quite large warpage problems with the beds). I know they have gonr back on their words before, no bed slingers and what not. But releasing A1, even though initial news was handled a bit rough by the former customers, it was received positively by the new customers. I’m not so sure that will work the same with a bigger printer. If they release a bigger printer with the same warpage as the current beds, its going to scale massively. a 1mm warp over 256mm will turn to 2.5mm over 400mm. I read about some poor dude who hade a 2mm warp, that’s 0.5cm on a 400mm bed.

Think it would be to their advantage to solve bed issue before scaling them up.

But they might have solved all that in the background I dunno really. They also mentioned not wanting to just scale up the printer but actually contribute something new. Maybe they have kept a tight lid on a bunch of updates who knows.

Harder for the bed to warp if it’s fixed to the base of the frame and immobile. (edit You can see the bed is fixed on that unit, so it is not just a scaled P1).

(edit2 or perhaps it is an incomplete P1, the print head is missing)

But if that is supposed to be a bigger scale that means they have scaled up even stuff like the button on the display since the display must be twice the size of the display from the regular P1P. Honestly that just seem like such a huge over analysis. most likely they just made a scaled up p1p like most people do, make scaled up versions of their printers. I doubt they would make a scaled up version of a printer not yet released as a tricky sneak teaser nobody would even look into.

Also wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume the first big version would be in the X series?

Honestly, Ockham’s razor. Its much more reasonable that is just a scaled up P1P. Yes the bed is fixed to the bottom. But I doubt they are going to make a an exact copy fully functional version of the P1P as display model. By that logic, the display doesn’t have any cables, in fact none of the electronics seems to have cables, the machine it self does not even have a power cord. So unless they invented wireless 220v, that’s not 100% accurate.

I admire your interest, but I think your looking way to much in to this display printer.

Well I feel a new printer will either be resin, or something larger than an X1 (which has been asked for many times), or something with multiple print heads, and last 2 aren’t exclusive. However, maybe we see refresh of the P1 and X1 to use the new technology in the A1 which might be where the “2 new A1” rumor comes from.

IMO the reason this interest me is because every single printer I can think about would be equally surprising.

  • They have said they wont drop a bigger printer until basically gen 2. If Gen 2 was right around the corner I think it would have been a bit more noticeable.
  • A bigger bed slinger, seems unreasonable since that would basically be a worse version than P1P.
  • A resin printer, seems like that goes against the core value of Bambu Lab, being Bambu Lab want to make things easy, click and play, no set up etc. While a resin printer is a pain of postprocessing and every time a print fails you want to throw the entire thing out the window.
  • There wont be a new released printer, it will just be a mysterious printer in new condition. This seems pretty far fetch, I bet Bambu Lab would have formulated themself differently if that were the case, and half the subreddit is convinced this is the case. Based on previous assumptions they have been wrong 100% of the time, so think we can exclude this idea.

With that said. If Bambu Lab manage to do the same thing to resin printers as they did to FDM printer, I would instantly jump on that printer. That would be amazing.

But I’m certain I will be very surprised when its released. Hopefully we will see it in 2 days. It would surprise me if they waited until the 11th, because that is basically right before the postage chaos ensures. Would be hard to receive that printer before Christmas.

I would suggest that if it does not come “very soon” now, it will not come until mid 2024 because of CNY which will be 2024-Feb-10.

A new printer could be just a differently skinned A1 similar to how the reviewers got a clear version. Perhaps there is a dark gray version?


It says “latest printer” though. Latest printer is X1E right? Or maybe that one doesn’t count? Seems like the price difference is quite huge, even if its an A1. Based on previous prices the suggested price of the printer would be around $200. But they could make it a bigger price pot as well, Christmas spirit and what not. Maybe they are giving away left over transparent A1’s, would be possible i guess, technically could count at “latest printer” while also being a bit mysterious.

I really wish its something unreleased though, that would be quite exciting.

And make a quick change print nozzle. Also, replace the nozzle cleaning tool with one more similar to the A1. A larger build plate would also be nice.