Need a link to instructions on how to change the A1 Mini filament hub

Have you seen any instructions on how to replace the hub on a Mini? I found instructions on how to disassemble the tool head, but the instructions jump from a tool head with the hub (ashen you take apart the back of the tool head) to one without the hub, with no instructions specific to the hub anywhere. It’s magic! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I asked support… AWOL. I closed the ticket after a few days, it’s too frustrating to watch them ignore you.

Btw, I felt silly when my external filament tangled and knocked the AMS off the desk, destroying the hub, the 4-pin cable and connectors galore… but only til I found that the ticket submission taxonomy has a couple of predefined categories for “physical damage”. :confused: I am guessing that the reason the AMS lite looks really unstable is… because it is?

So, if you have ran across instructions on how to change the hub, or done it yourself, would you spare a few pointers? Thanks!

There is a guide on the wiki.

Use a wrench to delicately pry off the Filament Hub Cap, then remove the Filament Hub Assembly and the corresponding spring.

That is a funny looking “wrench”…


@JonRaymond Thanks! And agreed, funny 'wrench" :stuck_out_tongue:

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