Need Help forum software issue

I somehow managed to get my post form to be full height and it is stuck that way. The drag handle to make it shorter so that I can still read what I am replying to is gone. How can I get it back?

Does anyone know what software the community forum is running?

The software is Discourse. You should see some icons to the top right of the compose area to expand or minimise the post section.

I do know about those and I am currently using the down arrow as a work-around to minimize and show again. (I will call this the minimize to bottom line)

The diagonal arrows just make the entry form cover the forum header using a little more space.
I also use the left double arrow to hide the preview. (I will call this zoom)

What I am missing is the “resize” that used to show as a small drag handle at the top middle of the post “pane” that let me modify the vertical size of the pane.

I am stuck with the post pane filling the area from the bottom of the forum header to the bottom of the window. It no longer has a header of its own.

Thanks for reminding me it is discourse. I can do a search using that information.

BBL did a good job of hiding everything about using the forum, includeing that it is a discourse site. No links for help, and the FAQ in the menu goes to the printer FAQ.

Here is what I am trying to get back to, (grabbed from the discourse new user doc) with the horizontal grab bar in the blue header.

What I am stuck with is

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Thanks for your help. I finally started fooling around and resizing my browser window along with scrolling the page and finally found the editor top and resized it. Somehow it was taller than my screen and the bottom was pinned and the top was under the forum header.

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