Need help identifying a screw, please

Hey folks, I have a P1S which was throwing heat bed errors. Bambu sent me a new heat bed and AC board, which I installed last night.

I had my screws all separated into plastic baggies and labeled, but in the end I have ONE screw left over. It’s an odd duck, the only one of its kind. It’s about the length of the long silver screws that hold the grey AMS… thingy… to the back of the enclosure, but it is course threaded and has an M2 head.

This was in the baggie where I had all my “external” stuff. Screws for the spool holder, glass door, grey AMS … thing… etc.

It’s also possible it was removed from the old bed when I was troubleshooting the issue, but I cannot seem to find it anywhere.

I have followed up in my support ticket with Bambu asking if they know, but they tend to take a while to respond, so I figured I’d check here.

It looks like one of the screws that holds the AMS holder in place when the printer is first unpackaged.

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Aha! You’re exactly right, thank you so much.

I kept all of those for some reason, and I originally used the same box to store everything when disassembling for the heat bed install, before realizing how involved it was going to be. It must have gotten mixed in. Here he is back with his family.

Thanks again.

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