Need help with motor control

Has anyone worked with stepper or servo motor controls yet?
I think I am missing something in the G code documentation. Normally a stepper is used to move by steps to cause a linear component to move some distance. This is how the G code for X Y and Z work. If I want to use the expansion board stepper control to move another axis, such as panning a camera, I do not see how I would control that.

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I have only plugged in a servo so far and controlled it with the slider. I’m intending to play with it more this weekend.

There are a couple of ways to control stepper motors, but ther is not a fine grain of control.

M1004 S10 D[ddd] P[ppp] - D: Rotation direction (0-1), P: Speed (r/min)

You can also control it with the swithces and the sliders, but you have less control with those. There is no step or move X steps though which would be more useful.

So far the only solution that I have is to turn on the motor, use G04 to wait for a time period and stop the motor. For example, I might want to use a motorized arm to clear the plate after printing.

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Hi @julie777
I am trying to achieve the same: Automatically clearing the builtplate after the print when the builtplate is cooled down again. Did you make any progress? Do you want to team up? :slight_smile:

Are you aware of any option to test this “end gcode” without starting a print each time?


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@MentosZ Lets keep in touch on this. Do you want to start a new topic for clearing the build plate?

Please do so, i cant open new topics :smiley:

Done. You should get a notification of mention.