New: Bambu Lab PLA Silk Filament

:loudspeaker: Exciting news! We are thrilled to announce that Bambu Lab PLA Silk Filaments are now available in Gold, Silver, Copper, and Blue. Our PLA Silk Filaments give your prints a luxurious finish that’s perfect for enhancing your 3D printing projects. Check out some of the beautiful models we created using our silk filaments. These stunning filaments are available now in our online store. Don’t wait, head over to PLA Silk | Bambu Lab Global to get your hands on them today!

Models used in the silk photos:
Word Cup Magnet Free STL file Word Cup Magnet・3D print design to download・Cults
Phoenix pen holder Phoenix pen holder by stronghero - Thingiverse
Snap Fit Ornament Snap Fit Ornament with Spinner Inserts by adafruit - Thingiverse
Twisted Vase Twisted Vase by KPV - Thingiverse
The Mandalorian Remix for Silk Filament The Mandalorian Remix for Silk Filament by RonX666 - Thingiverse
Egg Bunny Gift Pot, Ribbons and Strings Artwork, Spinning Tree illusion All the 3D models of 3DPrintBunny・Cults


Awesome I love silk. Unfortunately a lot of the prints I like to do use silk for require supports.

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Already purchased one spool of each color. Cool.

Are you goint to put a profile in BS for that? In the meantime, what would be the maximum volumetric speed for it (as it is the only thing changing from your different pla types)?.

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I see silk already listed in the AMS set up. I might not know what you mean by profile though.

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That’s nice to hear!
Currently, when using the Generic PLA Silk profile (7.5 mm3/s), I get a regular artifact on the prints.
I think it’s caused by the slower printing speed.

Looking forward to a better silk profile.

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