New Bambu Lab X1 Series Firmware Released!

When the print head visits the front right corner then returns to printing, this is an indicator that the system detected a missed/skipped step and what you are seeing is it’s recalibration/reorientation process. If for some reason you want to disable this the setting can be found on the printer in the sliders page (2nd icon, under the home icon) on the print options tab and scroll to the bottom, it’s the 2nd from the bottom “auto-recovery from step loss”

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Looks like got released

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Have 2 printers (x1c’s) and my old got the update firmware message an hour ago, but my second, new printer does not find the update… how do I get it to find and recognize the update?

STOP!!! It finally found the update itself?!? I have been restarting bambu studio, wifi, bambu handy app, powertoggling, rear powerbutton/yank cord, toggling the previous repeatedly, going through the onscreen options to the printer, trying to get bambu studio to update the firmware tab
(The Bambu Studio app still said firmware updated when I toggled between printer A & B despite showing the new firmware on A and the previous firmware on B… I understand nothing!)

Anyhows, suddenly I could update through Bambu Studio and now it is updated! (I hope, I will go and doublecheck now)


If you power cycle the printer it should check for available updates.


I just updated last night. I notice that print status is not displaying on the screen when sent from my pc. Also the printer options settings from the printer itself show as all unchecked and not selectable but if I go into the printer from my computer, or iOS app, I can see them set and even update them.

Unfortunately, as mentioned here:

Important! X1C firmware no longer sends information over MQTT for the following: AMS True Humidity %, Calculated PA value, Bed Mesh data. If you want these from these guides, I recommend downgrading to

I’m really disappointed this information was removed. In particular, without any mention in the release notes. Thankfully, I was able to downgrade to the previous firmware version. However, I do hope the solution for me isn’t “never upgrade again”.

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WTF? Why would they remove AMS humidity?

Removing bed leveling data is clearly a move to avoid replacements.

This doesn’t look good for Bambu tbh.


The generally accepted practice with FW updates is - read the release notes and if they say the new FW has fixed something you’re having a problem with, update. Otherwise, wait. Even if there are new “convenience” features you are interested in using.

Unless you need a fix urgently, wait and see if the people who need the fixes and have loaded the FW have issues. Let them be the guinea pigs…

This rule pretty much works for everything up to and including updates to the OS on your phone or PC. Wait a few days after the update is released to see if it’s causing problems before you update your stuff.

Given all the reports of issues with this latest release, I intend to skip it. I’ll wait for the replacement revision and then, I will still wait to see how it goes with others before I jump on board.


Hi there , i did upgrade this firmware and started having print issues( under extrusion, and really bad quality ) from the first print, X1C with AMS . As did not have time to investigate and needed working printer reverted to the old which has been working fine and everything worked. I see that there are other people complains on the subject is there any plan to fix ? Or has it been gone through a regression test

I’ve had basically nothing but problems on mine and I upgraded during the first setup… Maybe I should downgrade! :person_shrugging:

Yeah i would try that also the support team are good response, but if is you still having issues i would try to help as much as i can . I spend hundreds of hours with the old 3d printers, as most of us have

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I’m actually in the process of returning mine for a replacement… Thank you for the offer though! Hopefully the second round will be better.

A new firmware version seems to be available. I wonder, however, what the AMS firmware update is about?

Can’t find anything on the wiki about that.

I see no update? Ver is what I have and it shows current.

Try restarting your printer.

I installed X1C firmware and AMS firmware

Make sure you are not on LAN, need to shut the lan off and then connect the printer back to your account threw the handy app if you do have LAN turned on.

New Features

  1. Added support for model objects being skipped when mutil color printing.
  2. [Experimental] Added Flow Rate Calibration for 0.2mm and 0.6mm nozzles.
  3. [Experimental] Added Flow Dynamics Calibration for 0.6mm nozzles.

Bugs Fixed

  1. Improved AI detection to reduce occasional false alerts of “Micro Lidar camera lens seems to be dirty”.
  2. Addressed the issue where AI monitoring occasionally fails to pause properly after detecting abnormalities.
  3. Optimized the display issue of PLA_AERO filament on the device screen.
  4. Optimized some issues in the printing process, such as compatibility with special character model names and fixed the problem where the Handy app and Studio still showed “printing” status after the print was stopped.

Remaining Issues

  1. The printer may appear stuck in a paused state while the AMS shows an error. There may be dropped steps if users move the XYZ axes away from the disposal chute, so please do not move the toolhead in this situation.
  2. If the power is suddenly cut off after the detection of a filament break, the printer may attempt to continue printing without filament.

As i am really looking for a firmware update, which covers the full functionality for the lan-only-mode, i was highly impressed about that there is a new firmware available.
But no single word about that. Bambu Team, please give some statements, when we can use Bambu handy app in lan only mode!
That is what many of us are waiting for!!


The a1 must have special stepper motors. No silent printing for the rest of us im guessing. Anybody know how the heater on the nozzle gets power? Gonna be x1 compatible?

New option manual fix ip on network menu, some time error not get DHCP not have option tool fix, have tool check but not fix problem