New hardened steel hotend tearing with PLA-CF

Hi all,

I made a perfect print of a shoehorn with the default hotend on my P1P printer and default settings for everything in BambuStudio. But because of the risk of excessive wear of the normal hotend I installed the “hardened steel” version. Unfortunately this new hotend causes tearing in the same print subjecct with the same settings.
I have calibrated the printer (both flow dynamics and flow rate) but the result is the same:

I would appreciate any advise :slight_smile:

You may want to run a temp tower because I think you need to print hotter with the hardened steel nozzle.

Thank you for answering, I will try that :slight_smile:

looks like wet filament or may be the flow and dynamic flow(Pressure Advance) not ideal
possible tearing is happening as not good adhesion especially ate the edge and pressure release as it cools down . once you have such a defect it transfers all around

  • check if the filament is dry !!
  • looks like the edges has issues so it looks like a problem with dynamic flow ( PA) not good , also the flow can be a bit off
  • cooling profile - reduce some of the fans
  • try to reduce the speed
  • Print temp - is unlikely for this defect but initially would increase it by 5C-10C or just print the temp tower . Note once you change the Print temp dynamic flow( PA) and flow needs t be redone , Dynamic flow does not change so much but flow may be affected
  • The overhang on the right edge is not ideal - that could be fan Speed, dynamic flow¶ or print temp as last

Note new filament out of the box can be wet and will cause any of the above

Thank you very much for you suggestions. I had actually bought two hardened steel nozzles and when I changed to the second one, all the problems disappeared :slightly_smiling_face: So I guess it was a faulty hotend, or possible, a bad connection, when I replaced the original.

great had similar a few times with the old printers , one head reassembled it 3 times until i bought a new one, but never with the Bambu , so did not even thought about it .