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Control your content sync scope and effortlessly earn boost and points rewards from MakerWorld China

MakerWorld China is coming on 6/18!
2024-06-12 12:57

Dear MakerWorld Users,

We are thrilled to announce the launch of MakerWorld China on June 18, 2024! Our new Chinese site will be located at

MakerWorld China will enable Chinese users to access models more quickly, facilitate one-step printing, and offer easier navigation, while also providing a localized interface.

As part of this exciting expansion, we will be syncing your eligible models and Print Profiles from MakerWorld Global to MakerWorld China. This means that your creations will also be available to our vast Chinese audience, significantly increasing their exposure and potential to earn rewards.


Can you clarify the notice statement around publishing our ‘Public” names? Does this mean our “published” names on makerworld I.e Festavius or real name legal name?
Thank you

I can only assume its what names / tags you use on makerworld , display and user names in your settings, for a more direct confirmation you would need to ask @MakerWorld

We shall be known as “原錐”

Honestly, this is pretty darn awesome!

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Yeah. I’m kind of excited about it. I like new markets! :smiley: I just wish I had some well translated descriptions for my stuff.

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Hi, Sorry for the confusing wording in our statement. In this case, your “public” name is indeed your Display(in your words, published) name on MakerWorld. We apologize for the confusion, and let us know if you have any further questions, thanks!


This is wonderful news. Is Makerworld going to implement some level of automatic translation too? Currently I have to go to google translate to read and respond to comments in other languages.


This is exciting! I’m assuming that they will automatically translate our content or plan on adding additional translation features within MW.


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I’m assuming it’s because…

I bet they are beta testing right now and so only those individuals can access the site.

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So my guess is that the content from MakerWorld China will also be available to us in the Global site. If so, I’m very interested in what they are designing and printing over there.

I picture models with a non-commercial license to start popping up for sale on Amazon…


The following is from the announcement.

Control Your Syncing

We respect your right to control how your creations are shared. You can easily manage the scope of model syncing to MakerWorld China from your account settings. Steps:

  1. Click your profile picture in the top right corner to go to “Account Settings.”
  2. Select the “Account Information” tab.
  3. Under “Sync Content with MakerWorld China” setting, choose your preferred option:
  • Sync all models: All public models (including Standard Digital File License models) will be synced to MakerWorld China.
  • Sync only CC license models: Only models with CC licenses will be synced to MakerWorld China.
  • Do not sync any models: No models will be synced to MakerWorld China.

By default, all models will be synchronized if you don’t adjust the sync settings in your account.


Interesting and different things, I’d say. There’s at least some selection on Makerworld already, from Chinese designers. They bubble up in my feed, and I like to check them out and follow the bread crumbs to other designs.

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I’ve been seeing Chinese 3D models popping up for a while now, I think it has to do with the beta testing of the new platform.
My question is: could we add the Chinese translation of the description or will there be an automatic translation?

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@MakerWorld Can we have an estimated number of the 3D printing users in China?

And comparison to the number of users on the main site :slight_smile:

I made a feature request a while ago for a summary page showing number of users, new users, model uploads, downloads, prints, etc, by region, country. This page can be updated at an interval that’s feasible for MW, such as once a month. Haven’t heard feedback on that request.

So i’m just curious, what did Chinese bambu users have access to before? Is there a separate maker world site just for that region that we can’t access?

I think it’s the same one that we are using. It’s just slow according to some users’ comment. Obviously it’s not localized and navigation isn’t the most friendly to Chinese users.