New: More Bambu ABS Filament Colors

Bambu Labs has added Mint, Green, Orange and Purple to its ABS filaments in the US store. Also new: ABS filaments are available with spools ($27.99) or as refills ($24.99).

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Yes, also some new PLA and metallic PLA colors. I’m a little salty because I just did the PLA CF order and decided to give the metallic stuff a go too… Ordered one of each color and the next day I check to see if it shipped and boom… Two new colors lol. I’m not mad at BL, just wish I could have added the other colors to the order.

That said, I did a big order at the start of the month, followed by the CMYK bundle, followed by PLA CF, it’s not like I’m hurting for filament or color options… More so, I’m wishing we could have more then 4 AMS units one one machine.

I am one of those who, while the speed of the printer is impressive, I’m in it for th color options.

I’m looking at the Pallet 3 because 8 colors is more than enough for most prints, but print bed size… The Kobra Max is starting to look enticing to me, but mono color printing isn’t my thing.