New Product - Tool Changer

I didn’t see any requests for a new Bambu printer that included a tool changer, so am adding to this to the product- request area. I have 3 Bambu printers already and really want a multi-head multi-material printer similar to the Prusa XL. I was willing to pay the price for a 5 head XL, and as far out as they are backordered (currently pre-orders from August 2021), I’m guessing their’d be many other folks out there that would also pay a reasonable amount for a Bambu tool changer. To clarify I’m asking for just Extruders, no CNC or laser heads.


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I agree - what I would like to see if a multi hot end capability - with the ability to automatically switch between 2-5 hot ends - to speed up colour changes and eliminate a lot of waste in prints with a small number of colours.

Also the ability to mix nozzle sizes would be useful too.

I don’t personally need the additional cost and complexity of swapping the whole extruder.

I am hoping the A1 hot end design is a stepping stone towards this kind of capability in the X2.

For me the perfect solution would be a larger build plate, idex, with hot end swapping on both of the extruders.


I’m on board with this idea.
Have a look at the Snapmaker Artisan 3 in 1 dual hot ends
Try taking this idea, rotating it 90 degrees and adding another print head back to back, and you have an instant 4 hotend print head
Oh, and, at the same time:

  • snap in hot ends
  • snap in extruders

Glen Collingwood