Newbie help with filament selection

Why does the AMS on the X1C LCD and in the Device panel of Bambu Studio show an unknown filament in slot 2, when the Prepare panel of Bambu Studio shows it as Generic PETG?

And, how can I add new filament types, like “Prusament PETG”?

Did you Sync or Resync the filament selections?

It’s not a Bambu filament. When I click Sync it says:

“There are no compatible filaments, and sync is not performed.”

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Sometimes you need to close Bambu studio and reopen. Then sync filament, that should work.

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I would also chime in with double-check your connection. I was getting the same error and couldn’t figure it out but had bumped the cord on the back.

Hello Everyone
I’m at a certain age when things dont sink in, lol when doing a muti color print and on the plate shows a block of colors to use how do you determine what color goes in what slot on the AMS to get the right colors ? or will the clever bambu sort it for you as long as i have the correct colors in the AMS
Regards from confused

You must tell BambuStudio which colors are where. You can do that with the Device tab. If you aren’t using Bambu filaments, you have to enter the color information manually. Then, in the Prepare tab, set the AMS filament positions to match what you’re using.

This doesn’t sound real clear. Ask again if you need more help…

FYI, if you are getting the “There are no compatible filaments, and sync is not performed.” and you have been printing off of the spool holder in the back, you need to unload that filament and load something from the AMS. I was using a silk PLA with a cardboard roll so I had disconnected the AMS. When I went to print something from the AMS, I go this error. To fix it, I used the screen to unload the filament on the back spool holder and load a filament from the AMS. Once I did that, it resolved that issue.