No geometry data?

Continuing the discussion from Bambu Studio Bug Reporting Thread:

  1. Open Bambu Studio
  2. Try to import any STL file
  3. Notice the info boxes. Loading of a model file has failed… File does not contain any geometry data

Is there a fix for this issue


I am having this same issue. I mainly use a desktop. I’ve been saving .stl files in a folder that also saves the files in Dropbox. I tried to open the files on my laptop (dropbox files downloaded to hard drive on laptop) and upload them to Bambu Studio without any luck.

When trying to load a .stl file to Bambu Studio (that was downloaded from my Dropbox folder), it states “no geometry data.” If I re-download a file from the original source I obtained the .stl (a website), the .stl works fine.

Does saving .stl files in Dropbox then downloading them to another computer somehow corrupt .stl files so they cannot open in Bambu Studio?

Thanks in advance for any information folks can provide.