No model print image

hello all

so i got model taken down due to community guidelines violation:

  • no print image

and the question is if i upload only stl why should i upload printed model.

i only found information that about cc0license:
" When publishing a public model under the CC0 license, you are required to include your own image of the actual print to show its print-ability."

  • Print profiles must be printed before making them public. We also require print profile creators to include their own actual print images along with their print profiles to demonstrate print-ability.

read again please

“upload only stl why should i upload printed model.”

Ok, my apologies. I have no idea why, the “no profile image” is only an option for a print profile report from what I know. If you didn’t have a Print Profile, just put an appeal in I guess.

they claimed that it has to be printed but IMHO it is not right according to guideline rules.

why cant upload STL as a proof of concept, prototype, or just someone doesnt have 3dprinter at home but is making things in 3d cad software and want to share

You can upload a STL without a Print profile. The upload page goes straight to Publish without doing the Print Profile on the next page. Did you upload a Print Profile and tick the box?

That is the case; i selected upload STL not print profile, didnt tick print profile passed and there is STL with “0 print profiles”.

still removed.

so you in the end you CAN’T upload only stl with pictore from bambustudio/CADsoftware.

Beats me :man_shrugging:… Print it out and take a pic?


its not a problem to print something.

i mean the problem is that they removed model due to CG violiation but there is no connection between CGvioliation and uploaded model, also after taken down you cant upload photo bcs they dont care about appeals

ps - uploading it again with photos will cause 7days ban for uploadin

ps2 no it wasnt hueforge

Was that a Hueforge model?

bamboo is ■■■■

Under the photos of the printouts, they wrote to me that there was no photo of the printout. Often stupid and illogical translations and they cannot clearly write what they think is wrong.

It’s good that there are no problems with this on Printables

myminifactory requires photos of a print for good reason: a lot of models can’t be printed or have problems when printing.

i completely agree that a photo of a print should be required for all models.

too many times on thingverse i have seen “repair part for xyz, just designed for school, don’t know if it fits”


I have seen profiles that only offer STLs but still have a picture of the printed model.

If you simply want to share models without ever printing them, then you have the option of uploading them privately, i.e. not publicly. Give interested people the link to their private model. You can of course also share them free of charge via other platforms.

To clarify:

I mean the problem is that MW is removing model due to CG violation but if you read CG there is no information about it.