No power on new AMS?

Hi, I took delivery of my new AMS today for my P1S. I have plugged all the cables in but on my P1S it says “AMS is offline”. I have used a multimeter to check and the power is going through the buffer to the end of the 6pin.

Any ideas?


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Have you power cycled your printer with the AMS attached? If that doesn’t do it try a factory reset.


Still nothing after factory reset.

That is unfortunate. Here is the link to the wiki for “No power” issues.

If you’re comfortable it details checking voltages inside of the AMS. If you are not comfortable doing this then it’s time to make a service ticket.



had the same issue.
Check the voltage at the voltage regulator on the AMS mainboard as described at the last point of the „ams power failure“-site.
If there is no power, have a look at Q1. This was burnt at mine AMS.

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Do you happen to know the component number of this transistor q1? Or can anyone link to a schematic/bom for the ams mainboard?


I can‘t remember the number of the part, but I‘m sure ist was a p-Channel mosfet. Nothing special on it.

Enhancement or depletion type mosfet?


enhancement mode. I think, I would remember otherwise.

Okay, great! Thanks a lot :+1:

what I’ve forgotten to say:
The trigger of my burnt Q1 was a defect hub motor. So a new mainboard directly died again after I connected this motor.
It would make sense to limit maximum current of you supply, otherwise the chance is high, that the new Q1 will immediately die again.

Thanks for the hint. I will double check the motors as well

Just as a hint for anyone facing the same issue, the imprint on the Q1 is N9HKT. The datasheet can be found online.

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Make sure the cables are not damaged and are properly secured.
Make sure you have configured your AMS correctly in the printer settings. Make sure you select the correct type and interface for your AMS. If it doesn’t help, write.

Same issue. No power on AMS.