No ratings

I can write a remark and post a photo, bug can’t give a rating. I’m either just not seeing it, or it’s not active?

Others that DO see the rating-stars and fill them out?

I evaluate the print profile, which shows in comments/ratings.
It also shows in your page print history

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You will be asked to rate the profile after you print directly from the Handy app. After the print completes there is a rating option in the app. Its to make sure you actually printed it.

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Ah, printing from the app doesn’t work for me (can’t find the AMS), so that’s probably it.

So basically you can rate models ONLY if you print them from Handy app? This is very bad I want to slice them from my desktop computer I don’t want to use pre-sliced models.

I am not aware if it is temporary or a standard, but currently, the option is to evaluate the print profile and not exactly the model.
It may relate to ensuring no cheating in the implemented point reward approach.

@michelem My apologies. I was wrong. I don’t know if it was a recent change (as many are ongoing) or if it was always there, and I just overlooked it.
You can select “Open in Bambu Studio”, and after finishing printing, you have the option on the website to rate, comment and upload the photos of your print.
Sorry for the misinformation.

How can I change my print review from 3-5 stars? The print wasn’t working from handicap do well so I did it from the slicer and it worked great.

You should be able to go to your ratings page and click edit rating.