No replies on replacement, unsure how to proceed

I was really looking forward to getting a P1S, having used Creality machines since 2017. Unfortunately, the printer arrived covered in some sort of engine oil, which is clearly the fault of the courier and not Bambu and, because couriers are so cagey about accepting oily parcels, I asked the person signing (I was away at the time) for it to refuse delivery.

I submitted a ticket on 28 Nov (the day it arrived) asking for a replacement upon receipt of the return but it seems to have just been assigned to my email address, not my account (doesn’t appear in the list). I’ve received two automated messages (both on the evening of the 28th) but nothing further (I’ve checked my spam folder). Should I be worried and is it worth submitting another ticket if I get to one week without a response?

I’m in two minds now about even getting a replacement machine. If Bambu are this much of a hassle to deal with over a simple replacement, is it worth sticking with them if something goes wrong? I’m pretty comfortable with troubleshooting 3D printers but warranty part replacements now seem like a nightmare. I’m also hoping that they won’t refund and make me order again at the normal price. Against that, I’d really like a decent enclosed Z-on-the-bed machine for printing warp-prone materials. My backup plan is to file a PayPal claim.

Hopefully, I’m just part of a small number that fall off Bambu’s radar but I’d really appreciate some advice or experiences (positive or negative) on this issue. I’ve looked at other reports on slow support but it’s always hard to tell whether this is the standard or the exception.

The 28th was Thursday…it’s the weekend. Give it some time…JMO

EDIT: Ya, Tuesday.

I think you’re looking at December (28th was Tuesday) but if that’s also within a reasonable timeframe then thanks for the perspective.

update: I was contacted on the 5 Dec and, after providing some more information, they’re sending out a replacement unit tomorrow.