Noise cancelling for the X1 Carbon?

Hoping there will be a firmware update for this after today’s announcement. Anyone found any info?


Its not clear if restricted to A1. Crossed fingers, even if it make a small difference, it will be a great result.

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Yeah. Fingers crossed on it. It would be a nice quality of life update. I kind of don’t mind the noise of the machine to be honest. It’s still alot quieter than the CR10S I started with all those years ago🤣 That thing would keep you awake at night in another room!

I’m hopeful they are doing something to help the X1C owners! I’ll be waiting impatiently to get confirmation.

I actually don’t think the steppers are that noisy. Most of the sound from my machine is from excitation of the mechanics by the motion/inertia of the printhead. You can significantly reduce that sound by reducing the accelerations the printer uses (and if it has control of Jerk, that too). It’s the energy from the acceleration of the printhead that’s the source of the excitation. Reduced acceleration reduces the magnitude of those acceleration “impulses” and just like if you tap a bell instead of whack it, the machine is a lot quieter in operation. The penalty you pay is that reduced accelerations mean the printhead may not be getting up to the same high speed, so print times can increase. But the magnitude of the impact really depends on the model. Smaller prints may not be as negatively affected as larger.


If they won’t include it somehow into a new firmware, it’d feel that the cheaper device got royal treatment, while a device that costs several times of it is left behind. I really want ANC as well as simple nozzle swap option for my X1C+ams


If you haven’t already, I highly recommend CNCKitchen’s video interview with Dr. Tao, the CEO of Bambu Lab. Not only is Dr. Tao a really interesting person, but they also talk about why the A1 is so much quieter than the X1C. One of the reasons is the design of the X1C. The thin aluminum sheets acts like a mechanical amplifier of the accumulating fan and motor noise.
AND: Users of an X1 and P1 will also benefit from this “Active Motor Noise Canceling” feature in the future. Those were the words of Dr. Tao.

You can find the video here:


I agree. Probably part of the reason that the a1 got half the acceleration. They made up for it by cutting color change time down by alot.

Even a printer with silent stepper drivers gets loud when you crank up the speed. My cr10s pro v2 is silent at normal speeds. Kick it up to 250 with 5000 acceleration and it sounds like a bambu.

@phranck And the fact that the aux fan is mounted to one of those panels. I decoupled mine and it dropped fan noise alot. The movements of the axis is 75% of the noise I hear now. Oh, I also installed a chamber fan muffler.

Just finished watching that. excellent news and interesting to see the ceo’s outlook on 3d printing. Happy to see the drivers are their own flavour and a larger printer in future also

Still waiting and hoping to get anc for x1c sooner

No news after September. I hope it’s still in plans?

Don’t know if it is implemented in the current beta firmware soon to be released to production. Fingers crossed.

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Looks like it’s coming guys!

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Already here … reboot your printer… :stuck_out_tongue: V1.7 via OTA update

Now its offical, for those who were beta testing for ages, I can say its amazing…


I’m on the job right now, but I turned on the smart plug that powers the printer and pressed the update button. Installed in ~5 minutes. Now I’m doing a full remote recalibration.
(smart plug is needed because it is not good with custom light management and because of that recent random night printing accident)

A great update. What a big difference. It’s much quieter. Thanks

Look in utilities on your X1. run the new calibration. My X1C is so quiet now!!!

After running the calibration. My X1C is so quiet i can’t believe it. I hope this is a possible addition to the P1 series.


Glad to see the X series got the update and things are going well, can’t believe they did it! I still don’t know how it works to know how to cancel the frequency but guess it doesn’t matter. LOL. Now just hoping the P series is gifted this firmware before year end. :grin:

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Hopefully someone eventually does active noise cancelling now. With a microphone and speaker. Cancel fan and belt noises too.