Noise Insulation Set

Besides the fact that the printer is really a top-notch device, it can be quite noisy. Therefore, I would like to see Bambu Lab offer an “official” (and of course effective) sound insulation kit to reduce the noise level. :smiley:

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In my testing, most of the noise comes from the motion system. So the only way to make it really more silent is to replace the bearings. But it looks like a super-complex operations and I wouldn’t go into that.


Well, the built-in fans also have a significant role to play. Especially the big one, which blows out the back. Installing quieter fans would make a huge difference. And then decouple the enclosure from the acoustic noise. There are very good and thin insulation mats.

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i’d settle for no idle noise… can’t imagine why the fans are spinning while not in use at all!


My automotive sound deadening sheets arrived today in the post. Going to install them today and will let you know how it goes. :slight_smile:

Awesome. I can’t wait to read how well they do.
Do you have a link where to buy it?

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I would say the main fan noise is halved as well as the noise it makes when homing.

I am going to have to print a few of those lid adapters now, as I think this will make the chamber retain even more heat than usual. Will need to let a bit more heat out if it gets too warm in the chamber.


Still contemplating doing the Noctua fan surgery on the rear main fan. :slight_smile:

Curious to hear the results!

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Less vibrations and noise is lower. Cabin temp goes up to 60° celsius


For me, the rubber feet offered in the store made a huuuge difference. Of course it doesn’t get away with the fan noise, but the vibration noises in normal speed are now comparable to the silent mode without the rubber feet.

How many meters squared needed?

How thick are the sheets?


I used around 5 sheets, mine are 3mm thick.

What are the dimentions of the sheets? Any perticular brand? How much did they cost? Any other insights?


I came across this page and I decided to do the exact same thing. I bought some 80mil sound deadener similar to what Ive used in the past on 2 of my older cars, and just applied what all i needed. It came with 10 sheets of 1 sq ft sheets and i think i only used 4 of them(maybe 5). It definitely helped across the board, granted that firmware update that brought the noise cancelling to the X1 lineup probably helped far more so but I do love the look of sound deadener on the inside nonetheless.

Edit: Should also note that the one i got with 10 sheets of 1 sq ft sheets was like $23 on amazon

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the ones i got were 1 sq ft sheets 14.7"L x 9.8"W and 80 mil or 2mm thick. Roughly the same thickness I used in some of my cars back in the day. There are so many out there that you really dont need to look for any particular brand, just choose one that fits your budget with the amount you need. the one i got off amazon was $23 for 10 sq ft and i didnt use all of it

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Hey RickyOG90,

The placement of all the sound deadener… did you follow some sort of template? Or just eyeball where to place some and where to NOT place some?

The photos look very clean, and a nice execution of installation. I’m just curious if some areas might need to be removed at some future point (repair or troubleshooting access) or if this is a permanent final install.


I did not follow a template and i pretty much put it in all spots i could but intentionally skipping over holes, screw locations or things that come off. For instance you can see that the filter box is still accessible. I also didnt want to put deadener in areas that could possibly interfere with the movements and operation of the printer itself. So the installation process i kept the printer on and moved the head and bed around to see which spots might be problematic. And of course some spots where i couldve added a piece but it wouldve been a tiny piece i ignored. In all fairness, the most benefit in terms of sound dampening is on the big metal walls but adding in other spots like myself and others have done can give the added benefit of keeping the enclosure warm. One final thing i should add is once you install the sound deadener, its quote difficult to remove without leaving a lot of sticky residue.

Joining the party here! This made a SIGNIFICANT difference to the noise, I’ll do the same on the other printers. (Adding a paver didn’t do much for me though)

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