Non-OTA Firmware update possible?

Is it possible to do a firmware update/upgrade any other way than OTA like for example from a Micro SD-Card?
At my workplace I am not able to connect the X1 Carbon to the company wifi network (security concerns).

Thank you!


Good question - not at the moment AFAIK. But since it appears that this printer is used a lot in companies who do have rules about getting connected to the internet (and the printer is probably that one to be allowed), it would surely be a “must have” and not only “nice to have”. As a workaround for the moment, you could try to use/configure the smartphone as “wlan host” (forget the correct wording) and connect the printer to that wlan and then do the update and then carry on later using LAN mode or SD card mode.

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That’s a good thought.
Not sure though if my phone/plan supports that.
Have to look into that.

Thanks a lot!

@mr1952 That worked just great. 1st Firmware upgrade is going.
Thanks a lot!


Just create a separate WiFi network for the printer(s)…


Good idea. I have the same issue at our office.

So you are basically using your phone as a WIFI hotspot, connecting the printer to that hotspot just for firmware upgrades, and using the local work WIFI in LAN mode for normal operation?

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Indeed. That is the plan.


Hi everyone,
I got the same problem,But for more fun i can’t get phone or any kind of connection …
So what can i do for upgrade my X1-carbone.
If you have some tips i will try it =)

Same, here
not allowed to use wifi and their app. so either they make this available to update firmware from SD card or this printer is a no go in my facility.

@LXXXIII I would suggest caution there. Companies that have strict network access policies often add policies against setting up WiFi networks that can also connect to the local network.

I think in this case it would be fine, given that the 3d printer is not connected to both the temporary Wifi and the company’s network at the same time… presumably.

How can we vote this to be in Bambu Lab’s priorities? I really really need this!