Not a complaint or gripe. Just my thoughts about the P1S

First off I have to admit that I’ve very disappointed in my new P1S printer.

I’m disappointed in it because after owning it and printing many things I should have bought this printer years ago. It’s made 3D printing fun for me.

My old ANET ET4 printer was very slow, the bed leveling system sucked. I had to re-adjust the capacitive sensor it used on a daily basis and it was a real pain. First layers rarely stuck and I was forced to using brims on everything I printed in order to allow the filament to start coming out of the hot end before the final print started. Now brims for most prints I do, unless they are very small parts that need adhesion, are a thing of the past.

So to the fine folks at Bambu Lab, I say thanks for making this hobby fun for me. :+1:

OK, end of my speech.


You wouldn’t have appreciated what you have as much without those past experiences :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for reminding me of that. I totally agree. :grin: