Not possible to print Bambu PLA Glow on A1 Mini

My three weeks old Bambu A1 Mini + AMS Lite prints with Bambu PLA Basic filament in good quality.

Now I have purchased Bambu PLA Glow filament and after trying for 5 hours I have given up. It seems this printer cannot print with this filament.

The printing starts fine, but after about a minute the extruder stops printing goes to the side and waits for new filament to flow. Then it tries to cut the excess filament, but because this filament is very “sticky” it fails at cutting it correctly with a rate of about 90%. The filament still hangs on the nozzle head and the printer continues printing. It then either drops on the printing bed, or directly on the object ruining the print. After about 10-40 seconds the printer goes again to the side in order to wait for new filament to come in. Rinse, repeat in a loop of short printing, going to the side, waiting for filament, trying to cut it, failing, dropping on the printing bed while printing for another 10 to 40 seconds. The attached picture says it all.

I’ve got a tip to place a 1cm PTFE tube piece on the cutting tray from here:

With that small modification about 50-60% of the filament strips land in the bin, instead of only 10% without this modification. But 50% it’s not enough, as it’s extremely frustrating to print anything with this (expensive) filament.

I’ve also tried cheap Amazon Basic PLA glow filament and it prints without problems.

I take, you’ve read these…??


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Yes, but it says not recommended, but not impossible.

I used some PolyMaker glow filament via the AMS Lite, and probably won’t ever do it again. It definitely had feed issues, enough that I could feel the difference when pushing it through the tube by hand. I didn’t have as bad of issues as you did, but I did have to fix feed issues during a print a couple times.

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Is it just the tube that’s the problem? Could I hang the spool off the back, remove one of the AMS tubes from the filament hub and feed the pla-glow directly into the hub? Or will the hub also have issues with the pla-glow?

Also noticing that the pla-glow is not a filament option in Bambu Studio. Is there an update coming for that? just curious.

I think it’s a matter of length of the tube, tightness of bends, plus potential friction in the AMS feeder itself?
You should have an external spool holder along with its tube, try using that tube (it’s shorter).
Not sure I’d do it without the tube entirely. That is the way Bambu recommends using non-AMS compatilble filaments.
PLA Glow should run fine with the standard PLA settings.