Notification of issues on iPhone

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first of all I am wondering that he application will not show a popup if an issue like ams filament remove problems, spaghetti detection etc… is there a setting to get the notification on my mobile ( even if the app is closed ) and second is there a chance to set a number of „ automatic - retries“ on issues like filament removal?

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I get notifications on my iPhone 11 from the Handy app. I’ve seen spaghetti detection, print fail, print success, failed first layer inspection and others. You may have to go to settings/notifications on your phone and enable notifications for the app.

Very strange, only the print success notifications are popping up, all others will only pop up with the application in front - guess will reinstall it. But many thanks for the information that usually all notifications will come up

Two things:
One this mornings update now adds “nozzle size” to the machine. It’s set at .4 but I have .6. So no when I print out of history it’s giving me an error showing “print settings don’t match nozzle size” Im hoping it doesn’t jack up my print. I’m 15/16 prints down with one to go with this new BS. How to change?

Also when filament runs out. The “close” button for the instructions hovers over the “stop” print button. So when pressing it there is a chance you will end your print by accident.

Baambu Handy in iPhone

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Yeah my notifications are sporadic at best. I get success notifications and if I cancel a print I get that. But today alone I have had a print stall three time because of an AMS issue. But got no notification until I logged into the app and saw the message.


I don’t know what effect it has on the print but you set the currently installed nozzle size on the maintenance tab of the gear icon on the printer. Just tap where it says 0.4mm to get the drop down for nozzles sizes.

Same problem here. Just received X1C a couple of weeks ago, updated everything, installed Handy app. I also only get success and canceled messages. No notice of 1st layer inspection failure, so it just kept printing. I’m always logged into the app.

I get all messages, if I get any at all. I’ve had to remove and resinstall the app several times to get it to work again.

Having the same issue with notifications.

Nothing at all coming through on my iPhone.
They use to. But suddenly stopped, I didn’t update anything at all either. They just stopped randomly. I tried to update everything including my X1C and deleted and reinstalled the BBH app, no difference.

All settings are correctly set so that they should come through as well on the phone.

Really hope this can get resolved soon as they are so useful when the printers are in a different building.

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Has anyone managed to solve the notification problem on iPhone?
I received my x1c combo yesterday but I’m having the same problem with notifications. Nothing arrives on my iPhone, not even the end-of-print messages.
All settings on the phone are correct.

Notifications about the end of printing are received only when printing via a cloud service, just as a picture of a part being printed is displayed only when using a cloud service. I also do not receive notifications about all events occurring with the seal. I have to open the application every 30 minutes to track the printing status. It’s infuriating.

I have the same issue on iPhone 11 and I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still only get print success and print cancelled by user

1. Application Identification:

  • Please specify the exact name of the application you’re referring to. Knowing the application’s name will allow me to access its specific documentation, features, and settings to provide tailored guidance.

2. Notification Behavior:

  • You mentioned that the application doesn’t show popups for issues like filament removal or spaghetti detection. Can you describe how notifications currently work in the application? Do you receive any notifications at all, or are they completely absent?
  • Are there any notification settings within the application that you’ve already explored? If so, what options are available and how have you configured them?

3. Mobile Notifications:

  • If you desire to receive mobile notifications even when the application is closed, is there a companion mobile app associated with the main application? If so, please provide its name and the platform you’re using (Android, iOS, etc.).
  • Are there notification settings within the companion mobile app that you’ve checked? If so, what options are available and how have you configured them?

4. Automatic Retries:

  • You mentioned the possibility of setting a number of “automatic retries” for issues like filament removal. Are these retries related to actions the application attempts automatically, or are you referring to manual retry prompts you receive?
  • Does the application currently have any built-in retry functionality for these issues? If so, how does it work, and are there any settings to adjust the number of retries?

I looked for this on various websites including youtube and solved it using to encounter an “iMessage not delivered” error on your iPhone can be frustrating. Here are some steps you can try to fix the issue:-
1. Check your network connection:-
Ensure you have a stable Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. Try turning Wi-Fi off and on, or enabling/disabling airplane mode to refresh the connection.
Verify you have sufficient cellular data balance if relying on it.
2. Restart your iPhone:- A simple restart can often resolve temporary glitches that might be causing the delivery issue.
3. Enable and disable iMessage:- Go to Settings > Messages, & toggle iMessage off and on again. This can sometimes reset the iMessage service on your device.
4. Check iMessage settings:- In Settings > Messages, ensure you’re signed in with the correct Apple ID and that Send & Receive is configured properly, & verify the recipient’s phone number or email address is listed correctly in your contacts.
5. Enable “Send as SMS”:- If iMessage delivery fails, you can try sending the message as a standard SMS text message, & in the message composition window, tap and hold the send arrow, then choose Send as Text Message.
6. Update your iPhone and carrier settings:- Having the latest iOS version and carrier settings can often address compatibility issues related to iMessage, go to Settings > General > Software Update to check for iOS updates,& contact your carrier to inquire about any updates for your carrier settings.

Yes please add pause notifications. I only get end of print notifications

I get pause notifications for things like spaghetti detection and wrong build plate as well as print cancelled by user. This is on an iPhone 11 Pro with handy version 2.4.0. I also get sounds and haptics but leave my phone on mute so I never hear them.
What is odd is that I have not used my printer since yesterday or maybe two days ago and had three or four print successful notifications out of the blue about an hour ago. I get a print successful as soon as the build plate drops with every print but have no idea where these mystery notifications come from.