Notifications not working on Android

My phone has OxygenOS 13.0 (Android 13) installed it is Oneplus 8 Pro model IN2021 and I am not receiving any notificationa from Bambu Handy.

Bambu Handy is version 1.3.0.

Bambu Handy notifications are enabled in system.

Notifications are running without problems on iOS (Apple Ipad ver 5 i beleive).

Please advise


I too have this same issue. It will notify when the print is complete and that is all. Usually even that notification is late. Failures and power loss do not notify at all, but the error is present if I physically open the app.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Yep exactly this.

I’m on the Pixel 8 Pro, with that, and my X1C both run running the latest firmwares and apps etc.

I only get the occasional notification but it’s often late, by as much as a day or two.

I just for example got a notification of a print completing successfully, but that print ended around 23 hours ago and I’ve printed 3 things since then.

The printer has constant WiFi connection (and sits just 5 meters from the router) so there is no reason not to send the notifications immediately.

Many prints I don’t get any notifications for at all even days later.

Same here (Galaxy S22). I got print finished notifications sometimes (often late) but nothing else. Had a simple error just now and I only saw it when opening Bambu Handy again. Clicking retry fixed it but I lost 6 hours of print time. Shame it doesn’t push notify of errors because I’m sure it would not be difficult to add.

I just received the update (Play Store) and did a little test print with an added manual “pause” to insert magnets into a print.

Before the update: wouldn’t get a notification
Now after the update: received the notifications

So that seems to be added / fixed.

If people don’t receive notifications at all or always delayed i would check all sorts of battery optimization settings which can be very different between phone manufacturers. I never had that problem with my S21 since i allowed background activity for the app in the battery settings. .

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