Nozzle size for Carbon filaments

OK, so I have been using a 0.4 nozzle printing PTEG-CF and I am getting clogs every 10 hours or so. The parts a simple, so should I go straight for the 0.8, or 0.6. I don’t know why BL recommend the 0.6 - is it to still keep some detail in the prints do you think? Presumable the 0.8 will clog less than the 0.6? I love the finish, but I just can’t use the PTEG-CF as I am spending too much time with failed prints. I need a UV stable material, so on paperthe PTEG-CF looks great. Interested to hear other views on this? Thanks in advance!

Use the .6. I don’t think you’ll gain anything by going to .8

I print CF and GF often. I’ve had successful prints using the stock .4, but I’ve moved to the BTT Revo. With the obxidian nozzel for that I can print .4 filled ok, but not always. I’ve been preferring the .6

I print more ABS than PETG but I found it printed ok with a nice finish with the .6

If you’re getting clogs may be due top heat creep. Be sure to crack the top and the door. Some disagree with this but it’s never hurt me with that particular filament.

Edit: If you haven’t dry the filament as well. It sounds more to me like it’s heat creep.

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Thanks. I will buy a 0.6. It seems that a 0.8 would clog even less, but I will take your, and BambuLabs advice. I am sick to death of the 0.4 clogging, I always disliked PTEG for this reason. I am on the 1PS, that is not quite as tunable as teh XC1 (that I used to use) and would dearly love to make a success of the CF/PTEG. Noted about the heat-creep. The filament seems to love to accumulate on the end of the nozzle.