Nozzles for A1

I have 3 nozzles for Bambu Labs A1 I traded in on a X1C when the cord issue came up. I have .2, .4 and .6 nozzles plus three silicon heat socks I bought for the A1 and have no use for them now. If some A1 user needs some nozzles I will give them to you. You pay shipping as I don’t want to be out for the cost to ship to you. I have to admit, I miss the ease of nozzle changes on the A1 compared to the X1C.

Also, I’m in the DFW area of Texas in-case anyone is local you can just pick these up. I have checked on USPS and a small box to ship these in I believe cost $9 to ship. I think I can ship COD via USPS for the shipping charges too.

Jimmy Fallin


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I am also returning my A1 due to recall, I have an A1 mini as well, so I will be using my nozzles for that.

When I ordered my P1S as a replacement, I was surprised just how different the nozzles are. It seems they made a big design change to the nozzles between the release of the P&X series and the A series.

I much prefer the ability to swap one without screws, cables, or thermal paste that the A series provides.

I will also be missing the quality screen. Choosing the X series means you will not suffer the P series screen.

I imagine a P2S & X2C will gain the nozzle replacement improvements and the P2S will at least gain the A1 screen.


Just a suggestion, buy complete nozzle for the P1S and you have two screws and 3 quick connectors to unplug/replug in. This is a hole lot simpler than trying to remove the heater and thermocouple and putting it into the replacement nozzle. The other thing I miss is the silly song it played when you powered it up and finished a print job. I had found a way to customize the song it played during both. I think we can do this on any 3d printer but have yet to figure that out.

Jimmy Fallin

I don’t see any message. I am new to this forum and appologize for not knowing where your message is.

That is what I plan to do.

Even if I wasn’t disabled, I can’t be playing around with thermal paste each time I wish to change the nozzles.

I had enough of that in my late teens and twenties when I built computers.

Crazy I was just about to purchase a set but if it’s still available I’d love to take them! I’m in Texas as well so not to far.

It’s fine, I already have some like I sent in my message…these would just be extra.
So, if you want them, it’s ok with me.

Sorry I didn’t see what you had commented at first it doesn’t show me. Thank you though I appreciate it! I’m new to Bambu in general so just wanna have spares just in case.

Where at in Texas? DFW area?

I understand and buying the complete nozzle seems like a no brainier for #35 for the complete nozzle.

The money wasn’t my main point, but, £10 vs £31 ($10 vs $35). A set of three is only £5 more than one P1S version.

The main point was the annoying hassle of the old version (on the X & P series) vs the new way they created for the A series.

Hopefully, a future P2S will have the new system. As my latest P1S arrives this week, I assume the P2S will be announced soon, to annoy me.

I’m in El Paso so not to far I’ll pay for the shipping costs whatever form of payment you’d like.

I know this is older, and the nozzles are likely already gone, I just wanted to say it’s cool to see the community like this, friendly, supportive, helpful. Things you don’t always see

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If you still have these I am in the DFW area (Bedford).